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  • What is the ICV Certificate and its Benefits?

    The ICV certificate meaning is a legal document awarded to ADNOC suppliers after they have passed an evaluation. The ICV program was launched to encourage local suppliers and support human capital development, technology adoption, and GDP growth. It helps companies meet these goals by incentivizing them to become part of the ADNOC network. What is […]

  • Reasons Why Cat Litter Is Important and Tips to Buy the Best One

    There are several reasons why cat litter in UAE is essential for your cat. A good box is clean, soft, and contains the right amount of granules to avoid scratching your carpet. You can also use an enzyme cleaner to remove the smell. Once your cat has used its litter box, you can block off […]

  • How to Choose a Spa

    The type of spa facility you choose should depend on the types of services you plan to offer. Most spa in Dubai uses large facilities and need plenty of space to spread their equipment. The best location for a spa is a strip mall or storefront. Keep reading on to know how to choose the […]

  • Things that Makes British Nannies Better Than Others

    There are many reasons why British nannies in Dubai are popular. One is that they are well-trained. Unlike other nannies who are not properly trained, these Brits can easily handle any situation. Many of these nannies are also familiar with British culture. Moreover, most nannies are graduates of prestigious nanny schools. They have a good […]

  • The Responsibilities Landscape Companies Must Fulfill

    There are numerous responsibilities of landscape companies in Dubai. Aside from ensuring a professional-looking lawn, they are also responsible for maintaining established lawns. They also weed and remove thatch. They can trim flower beds, walkways, walls, and much more. Their vehicles include forklifts and passenger vehicles, which they must maintain and drive safely. They must […]

  • 4 Things to Look For When Choosing a Tax Agent

    In addition to being licensed and enrolled with the IRS, you should also be certified. A qualified person should have years of experience and be an enrolled agent, which means they have gone through specific training and can represent you before the IRS. However, you can’t be sure that a certain professional is qualified, so […]

  • Top Reasons to Hire a Business Setup Consultant

    Hiring a business setup consultant can help you understand the various legal structure options available for your Dubai south business setup. All company formation types have their unique legal forms and structures, so it’s crucial to hire a familiar professional with the specific laws and regulations regarding your chosen business type. You might also want […]

  • Having a Will in UAE and its benefits

    The non-Muslim expatriates living in the United Arab Emirates face numerous challenges when they start living in the new country. The UAE laws are designed in the light of religion Islam which is quite hard to understand for someone who has never lived in a Muslim country before. The situation becomes even more grave when […]