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How to get Ina Garten’s desserts shipped directly to your door for the holidays Desserts on the menu for Carolina Beach | WilmingtonBiz 7 popular Western desserts Japanese chefs have made their own Chefs Reveal Their 21 All-Time Favorite Holiday Desserts I Tasted 8 Trader Joe’s Frozen Desserts & This Is the Best — Eat This Not That Dennis Patillo: Family desserts and holiday happiness | Good Living | – Victoria Advocate I Tasted 8 Trader Joe’s Frozen Desserts & This Is the Best — Eat This Not That 8 Delicious Vegan Hanukkah Desserts for 8 Crazy Nights Nigella Lawson Knows What You Should Serve for Dessert This Holiday Season Get inside the fascinating story of your favorite desserts in the comic Yummy

The Book of Tobit

The Book of Tobit

1:1 The book of words of Tobit, sons of Ananiel and Gabael from the seed of Asael of the tribe Nephthali.

1:2 Enemessar, King of the Assyrians in the time of Enemessar, was captured in Thisbe. This is the city that is located right at the right hand of this city.

1:3 Tobit and I have lived through my entire life in righteousness and truth. And I did numerous almsgivings to my brothers and my nation and my family, who accompanied me to Nineve to the place in which the Assyrians landed. Movie (

1:4 While I was living in my own country, in which the land of Israel was in its early days, all the members of the Nephthali tribe my father were thrown out of the home in Jerusalem. This was the most favored place of all tribes to sacrifice there. It is where the temple of habitation of God was consecrated and built for all ages.

1:5 Now all of the tribes that rebelled all at once, and the house that my father Nephthali were, unto the Heifer Baal.

1:6 I was the only one who went often to Jerusalem at the feasts in accordance with the order given unto all the inhabitants of Israel by an eternal decree containing the first fruits and tenths growth, in addition to the one that was first shorn; and them gave I at the altar to the priests the children of Aaron.

1:7 The tenth and first part of all the increase I gave to Aaron’s children who were ministers here in Jerusalem. I then sold another tenth and used it each year at Jerusalem.

1:8 I gave the third one to them in accordance with what Debora, my mother, had commanded, because I was orphaned by my father.

1:9 I was also born to Tobias when I reached the age for manhood. Petition: Mel Gibson should play Tobit in feature film *

1:10 All my brethren and all my kindred were seated on the bread of the Gentiles when we were taken to Nineve.

1:11 I was trying to stay away from eating.

1:12 because I kept in mind God with all my being.

1:13 And the Most High granted me grace, favor and favor before Enemessar and I was his purveyor.

1:14 And I went into Media, and left with Gabael, the brother of Gabrias, at Rages a city of Media 10 talents of silver.

1:15 When Enemessar died, Sennacherib his son reigned in his stead; whose estate was troubled, that I could not go into Media.

1:16 In the year of Enemessar I offered many alms to my brethren and offered my bread to the hungry,

1:17 And my clothes to be naked. And if I saw any of my people dead, or cast about the walls of Nineve I laid him to rest.

1:18 Now, if Sennacherib had murdered any, when it was his turn to kill, I ran away from Judea.

1:19 And when one of the Ninevites went and complained of my conduct before the king that I buried them, and hid myself; understanding that I was sought for to be put to death, I hid myself for fear.

1:20 Afterwards, all my possessions were removed and I was left without anything other than Anna and Tobias.

1:21 Then, two of his children murdered him, and fled to the mountains at Ararath. Sarchedonus, his nephew reigned over the two of them. He appointed Achiacharus my brother Anael, as his administrator and was in charge of all his financial affairs.

1:22 Achiacharus came to me, and I returned to Nineve. Achiacharus had the role of cupbearer. He also keeper the signet and was the account steward. Sarchedonus appointed Sarchedonus as his successor to me: he was my son.

2:1 And when I was returning to my home together with Anna and Tobias We were all reunited at the feast of Pentecost. It was the Holy Feast that was celebrated over the entire seven-week time. I was given an excellent food to eat.

2:2 As I spied lots of meat my son told me “Go and take whatever poor fellow thou shalt discover out of our brothers, who keep watch over the Lord.” And, lo, I tarry.

2:3 He came back and said to his father, Father we have a nation member who is entangled and being thrown out of the market.

2:4 When I hadn’t tasted any meat, I got up and took him upstairs until the setting of the sun.

2:5 I went back to my bedroom, cleaned myself, then ate my meat.

2:6 Recalling the prophecy by Amos that all your meals will be turned into sorrow and all of your joy will be turned into sorrow,

2:7 Therefore I wept. And after the sun had set I went to make him a grave.

2:8 My neighbors laughed and told me: This man isn’t at all scared of being executed for this case: He fled away, but lo and behold, he buries the dead in a second time.

2:9 I returned from the burial that night and slept near the wall of my backyard, my face being exposed and polluted.

2:10 And I didn’t know there was a sparrow in the wall. As soon as my eyes were opened the sparrows would suck warm dung into my eyes. Then, a whiteness appeared. I returned to the doctors but they were unable to help me. Achiacharus continued to nourish me, until Elymais.

2:11 My wife Anna took on women’s work.

2:12 When she returned them to their owners and they paid her salary and also gave her besides a kid.

2:13 As it arrived at my house I started crying. Is this not stolen? Give it to the owner. It’s illegal to eat food that has been stolen.

2:14 She said, “It was given for a gift greater than the wage.” But I did not believe her and asked her to give the item to the owner. She replied, “Where is your alms?” Your works and your whole life are now known, behold!

3:3 Then I crying and weeping and, in my sorrow, I prayed.

3:2 Lord. Thou art just. Your works and thy methods are truth, mercy and truth. Thou judgest sincerely and justly for ever.

3:3 You are still with me? See me!

3:4 They did not abide by thy commandments: wherefore thou hast delivered us for a spoil, and unto captivity, and unto death, and for a proverb of reproach to all the nations among which we are scattered.

3:5 Now, thy judgments are numerous and true: deal with my sins according to my fathers’ counsel: We haven’t kept thy commandsments, nor have we lived in truth prior to you.

3:6 Now, you have to take care of my soul in the best way possible, and ask for my spirit to leave.

3:7 It transpired that the same day, in Ecbatane a city of Media Sara the daughter of Raguel was also criticized by the maids of her father;

3:8 She had been married before to seven husbands who Asmodeus was the evil spirit that killed. Did they not mention that she had killed her husbands? thou hast had already seven husbands, and was not thou named after any of them.

3:9 What is the reason why thou doest beat them for us? if they be dead, then go after them, let us never see of thee either son or daughter.

3:10 When she heard these things, she was very sad and thought she could have strangled herself. She then declared, “I am my father’s sole child. If this happens, it could be a reproach for him. I will take his old years with sorrow to their grave.”

3:11 She then turned towards the window and said: Blessed Art Thou, Lord My God and thy beautiful, holy name will be adored for all time: let all of thy works be praised forever.

3:12 And now I, Lord, set mine eyes and my face toward thee,

3:13 And say, Take Me Out of the Earth So that I may hear No More of the Rejection.

3:14 Thou sagest, Lord that I am completely free of any sin that is associated in the eyes of man

3:15 And that I have not polluted my own name, nor my father’s, in the country of my captivity. If you are pleased to have my death considered, I will be humble and will not be astonished.

3:16 So they both prayed before the great God.

3:17 Raphael was assigned by Tobias to heal both. At the same time, Tobit home, and entered into his house, and Sara the daughter of Raguel came out of her chamber in the upper part.

4:1 Tobit was able to recall the amount he previously promised Gabael during Rages of Media.

4:2 And said with himself, I have wanted to die; why do I not call for my son Tobias that I may be a signatory to him for the money before I die?

4:3 He then called him and said, My son. You can bury me when I am dead.

4:4 Be reminded by me, my son that she saw numerous threats to you as thou washed in her womb. And when she dies, bury her with me in one burial.

4:5 My son, be aware of our Lord our God all thy days and do not let thy will be set to sin, or to break his commands: do uprightly all thy life long, and follow not the ways of unrighteousness.

4:6 Because if you deal with integrity, your actions will be successful to all who live justly.

4:7 Donate alms from your wealth. When thou give, let not thy eye be jealous.

4:8 If there is abundance, give alms according to it. If you have an amount that is small don’t be in a rush to give the most you can.

4:9 Thou ist able to do a good deed for thyself against a day of need.

4:10 The alms are able to save you from the wrath of death and cause you to go into darkness.

4:11 Because alms is a blessing of God to all who give it.

4:12 Beware of all whoredom My Son, and primarily take a spouse of the seed thy Fathers, and not a foreign woman to be your wife: We are the prophets’ sons Noe. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob: Remember, my child that our fathers were blessed from the beginning. Even though they all married wives from their own family Their descendants will inherit the land.

4:13 Now therefore my son, be devoted to thy brethren, and despise not in thy heart thy brethren, the children and daughters of your people, for not taking a wife of them: for in pride is destruction and a lot of trouble. And in lewdness is decay and great want Lewdness is the cause of hunger.

4:14 Don’t let the wage of any one that he has wrought for you, tarry with thee, but give him it out of hand: for if thou serve God and serve him, he will repay thee: be circumspect my son, in all that you do, and be wise in all your conversations.

4:15 Don’t do any thing to anybody you do not like: Drink no alcohol to make you drunk, and never let drunkenness accompany thee on thy trip.

4:16 Feed your children to those who are hungry, and of your garments to the naked.

4.17 Don’t forget to distribute the positive things to the needy.

4:18 Get the counsel of all who are wise and do not disregard any suggestion that can be profitable.

4:19 Thank God thy God always and ask him to grant thy paths may be guided and to ensure that all your plans and counsels will be successful as every nation does not have counsel, but the Lord gives everything good and humbles whomever he wills; my son, remember my commandments and do not forget them.

4:20 Now I am indicating to them that I’ve committed ten talents Gabael who is the son of Gabrias in Media.

4:21 Don’t be worried, my boy, that we become poor. Because thou is rich if thou fears God.

5:1 Tobias responded and said, Father I will obey all that thou commanded me.

5:2 How can I get the money, even if I don’t know the person?

5:3 Then, he gave the handwriting to him and said, “Seek you a gentleman who could go along with thee as long as I reside.” He also promised him that he would pay wages and then take the money and bring it to him.

5:4 He discovered Raphael, an angel, when he went out to find a man.

5:5 He was ignorant and he asked himself, “Canst thou take me to Rages?” And dost you know the places I mentioned?

5:6 To whom the angel told him, I’ll follow you, and I am aware of the route well: for I have been ensconced with our brother Gabael.

5:7 Tobias replied, “Tarry for us, until we can tell our father.”

5:8 Then he said to his father “Go and don’t delay.” He went into the house and told his father “Behold I have a friend who will go with me.” He then said, “Call him unto us to determine from which tribe he comes, and whether or not he can trust us to go with them.”

5:9 He called him, and he came in. They greeted one another.

5:10 Tobit responded, “Brother,” and he asked, “Shew me what tribe or family thou is.”

5:11 to whom he said Are you seeking an entire family or an employee to go with your son. Tobit said, “I would know, brother,” about his kindred and name.

5:12 He said, I am Azarias 5:12, son of Ananias the great, and of your brethren.

5:13 Tobit then said”Thou art a welcome brother; I have enquired about your tribe and thy family. For I know Ananiass as well as Jonathas who were the sons of Samaias, the Samaias the great. They went to Jerusalem for worship, and offer the firstborn as well as the 10ths.

5:14 I asked, what wages should I give thee. I’ll give you one drachm every day, and all other things as my son.

5:15 I’ll add to your earnings if you arrive in good health.

5:16 They were delighted. Tobias replied, “Prepare thyself for this journey and God will give you a happy journey.” When his son was done prepping for the journey, his father said, Go with him and God is the one who is in heaven. The angel of God will be your guide. They set off together, taking the young man’s dog along.

5:17 Anna her mother wept and asked Tobit, “Why has thou taken our son off?” Isn’t he the staff in our hand in going in and coming out before us?

5:18 Don’t get overly greedy when you add money to money; however, it should be done with respect for our child.

5:19 That which the Lord has granted us to live with will suffice us.

5:20 Tobit then said to her, Do not be concerned, my sister, he shall return safely, and thine eyes will be able to see him.

5:21 Because the good angel will be with him, his journey and return will be safe and prosperous.

5:22 And she ceased weeping.