Reasons Why Cat Litter Is Important and Tips to Buy the Best One

Reasons Why Cat Litter Is Important and Tips to Buy the Best One

There are several reasons why cat litter in UAE is essential for your cat. A good box is clean, soft, and contains the right amount of granules to avoid scratching your carpet. You can also use an enzyme cleaner to remove the smell. Once your cat has used its litter box, you can block off the area and place a deterrent such as a food bowl. If your cats refuse to use the box, you can put a cat bed on the floor or carpet.

It does not contain plastic or other harmful materials:

One of the main reasons for clumping cat litter is that it does not contain plastic or other harmful materials. A clumping litter will cause waste residue to stick to the bottom of the litter box. This residue is not sanitary, and your cat will find it appealing. Similarly, you should avoid using natural litter as it does not contain bentonite, which can harm your cat’s health.


Another reason why cat litter is vital for your cat is sanitary. If your cat digs in the litter box, you risk exposing your cat to the waste residue. This isn’t sanitary, and it defeats the purpose of using clumping litter. A natural litter is also less likely to cause internal blockages and is not a source of bentonite poisoning.

Tips for buying the cat litter

Litter should be odorless:

Aside from preventing your cat from stepping in waste, the litter should be odorless. Most clumping litters have some sort of scent. If you want to keep your house free from chemical odors, you should use the biodegradable litter. Activated charcoal can even be added to the litter after being used. Finally, the low dust content of the litter box means it will not create a cloud of fine particles on your floor. This is important, particularly if you have asthma.

Test it first:

If you are buying new cat litter, you should test it first. Try to roll your sleeve and press your forearm into the litter. If you’re uncomfortable, your kitty will be painful. Most studies have shown that cats prefer a specific type of litter, but your cat may have a preference. Make sure to read the label and compare ingredients carefully. If you have food allergies, read the labels of all the brands.